9 Ways to Pull Off Personalized Wedding Favors

Your wedding may just be one day, but the memories are sure to last a lifetime. But you don’t want to be the only one to remember your big day. The right wedding favors can be a special reminder of your wedding for your guests, and choosing personalized wedding favors adds an extra special touch.

But not all personalized wedding favors are created equal. Your guests don’t want another beer koozie to throw in a drawer and never look at again.

Luckily, there are so many great personalized wedding favors to choose from. You’re sure to find one that your guests will actually want and will enjoy receiving!

Here are nine personalized wedding favors that will work perfectly for your wedding:

1. Monogrammed Chocolate Bars


Everyone loves a sweet treat! Sending your guests home with a special chocolate bar is a decadent gift that they’ll be sure to savor. Plus, the monogram is a subtle reminder of the day without being over the top.

2. Mint Rolls

After a night of eating and drinking at your wedding, mints will surely be a welcome sight for your guests. Refreshing mints are a perfect end to a perfect night, and after, they can easily be thrown into a bag or a cupboard to be enjoyed another time as well!

3. Hershey’s Kisses

These little, bite-sized treats are the perfect gifts to scatter across your tables. Or, place them inside small candy dishes and invite your guests to sample throughout the night. Then, send them home with a small bag to enjoy later on.

4. Jars of Jam

It won’t matter if it’s not homemade! No matter what season it is, jam is a welcome gift that shows you put in some thought and care about your guests. Add your name and a cute message for a simple reminder of your big day.

5. Wine Glasses


Keep things classy with an elegant wine glass adorned with your name and wedding date. This keepsake is not only something for your guests to display in their home, but it’s also something they’ll be sure to use. And every time they drink from it, they’ll think of you!

6. Bottle Openers

Speaking of useful, bottle openers make great wedding favors. There will always be a time when your guests will need one, and when they do, they’ll be prepared with yours! Plus, cute designs, like fall leaves, make them extra special!

7. Hand Sanitizer

It’s never a good idea to leave home without hand sanitizer, so giving it to your guests as a wedding favor is perfect. Feel good knowing you’re helping to keep your guests healthy and germ-free, and they’re sure to be thankful for it.

8. Glass Votives


Votive candles can work double duty at your wedding. Put them on your tables as decor and then send your guests home with a beautiful decoration for their home. Choose votives with a lovely design, and include your name and wedding date for that extra special touch.

9. Lip Balm

If your wedding is in the fall or winter, lip balm is a must. Help your guests keep their lips soft and moisturized by providing them with personalized lip balm. They’ll appreciate the trinket and will be sure to use it throughout the cooler months.

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