8 Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Choosing the right wedding favor can sometimes be a challenge. You want to choose something that expresses your love and appreciation, but you also want it to be something your guests will be glad to receive.

With edible wedding favors, you can never go wrong. Edible favors, whether homemade or store bought, are an easy way to show off your personality. And guests are sure to enjoy the yummy treat!

Unsure what kind of edible wedding favor you should give out? We have several great options for you. Here are eight of our favorites:

1. Jam


Jam wedding favors are perfect for a fall wedding and a great way to “spread your love!” If you’re skilled in the kitchen, you may be thinking about canning them yourself. But with everything else you need to do with your wedding, placing an order for ready-to-go jars is an easy decision.

2. Hershey’s Kisses

Who doesn’t love a chocolate treat? No wedding is complete without some sweets, and Hershey’s Kisses make the perfect addition to your guests’ tables. Place them in little candy dishes for your guests to snack on throughout your reception, or wrap them up in candy bags for them to take home. Plus, you can even put a personal spin on the chocolates and personalize them with your names, wedding date or other special message.

3. Mints


Are you and your groom “mint to be?” Mint wedding favors will give all your guests fresh breath for the whole night. Then, at the end of the night, guests can put the tin in their purse or take it home. Mints are sure to come in handy, and every time they look at the tin, they’ll be reminded of what a great time they had at your wedding.

4. Chocolate Bars

A big chocolate bar is sure to sweeten any guest’s night. Instead of offering multiple chocolate pieces, opt for a big chocolate bar instead. Personalize it with a custom wrapper to add an extra special touch. With such a decadent favor, your guests are sure to feel special. Just make sure they don’t spoil their appetite and miss out on the cake!

5. Maple Syrup


When your guests receive maple syrup wedding favors, you’ll have them already thinking about their morning pancakes! Little bottles of syrup are a sweet way to give thanks to your guests and provide them with a treat they’re sure to love.

6. Wine

If you and your fiance love to drink wine, why not share your love with your guests? Choose your favorite wine and give your guests mini bottles. You’ll show off your personality in a fun way! Take it a step further and use personalized wine labels to turn that ordinary bottle of wine into a custom one for your wedding.

7. Hot Cocoa


Are you planning a winter wedding? Don’t let the cold weather get your guests down. Gift them a package of hot cocoa and those winter blues will be long gone. Add a cute mug and some marshmallows to make a complete favor!

8. Your Favorite Treat!

Do you make something special in the kitchen? Maybe it’s your grandma’s secret cookie recipe or your signature dessert. Whatever it is, it’s easy to make it your wedding favor with beautiful favor boxes. Sending your guests home with cupcakes? Cute cupcake favor boxes are perfect to adorn your tables with and make it easy for guests to take home such a sweet treat.

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10 Reasons Wedding Favors Will Enhance Your Big Day

Planning a wedding involves a lot of decisions. What will my colors be? Who should I invite? Will I serve beef or chicken?

One question that is sure to come up is whether or not you should offer wedding favors. Once as necessary as the wedding cake or flowers, today many are opting out in favor of no favors.

But without wedding favors, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to make your wedding day even more special.

Here are 10 reasons why we think you should include wedding favors:

1. Say thank you


Wedding favors are a special token of appreciation that lets your guests know you are glad that they came. At the end of the night, send them off with a gift that will tell them they were an important part of your big day.

2. Promote fun

Your wedding reception is a celebration, and your wedding favors go along with that. You want your guests to have a good time, and with a wedding favor they’re sure to enjoy, you’ll make sure your wedding is not only beautiful but fun.

3. Leave a lasting memory

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, and you’re sure to remember it forever. Make sure your wedding guests remember it too with a special keepsake that will remind them of your big day for years to come.

4. Give a gift


Everyone loves getting gifts – especially for free! They make people feel special and appreciated, which is exactly how you want your wedding guests to feel.

5. Stick with tradition

Traditions are what make a wedding truly special. If you want your big day to be classic and timeless, wedding favors will fit in right alongside your something old, new, borrowed and blue.

6. Decorate your tables

There’s no reason your table decorations need to stop with your centerpieces. Add more detail with beautiful wedding favors. Candles, flowers or picture frames all make striking additions.

7. Complement your theme


Whether you’re going for a winter wonderland or all-pink theme, your wedding favors can continue that theme and ensure continuity throughout your reception.

8. Show personality

Your wedding is the one day that’s all about you. Use your wedding favors to show off your creativity and uniqueness. Got a green thumb? Flower seeds are perfect. Wine lover? Personalized wine glasses make great favors. The possibilities are truly endless.

9. Share a treat

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, chances are a few of your guests do too. At the end of a long night, an edible treat is a welcome favor. Consider giving chocolate bars with personalized wrappers or small candies with your initials on them.

10. Express your love


If there’s one thing your wedding favors should do it is show your love. Not only your love for your new spouse, but also your love for your guests. After all, that is exactly what your wedding is all about.

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Gift Guide: What To Give To Your Groomsmen

Before you say “I do,” you need to say “thank you” to the men who helped you and your groom on the big day. Giving your groomsmen a gift shows you care about them and appreciate having them play such a special role at your wedding.

But deciding on the right gift can be difficult. What kind of gift will they like? You want it to be something they actually want and will use, but also something special and thoughtful.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are five of our favorite gift ideas for groomsmen:

1. Cuff Links

Let’s face it. Sometimes the men needed a little bit of helping getting cleaned up. Help your groomsmen look their best for the wedding with a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks give a tuxedo or suit a more formal look and make any groomsmen look sleek. Plus, the next time they have a special occasion to attend they’ll be ready to wear them again. Want to take it a step further? Go for cufflinks with a monogram for that extra personalized touch.

2. Watch


Spending a lot of money on your groomsmen isn’t required, but if you’re looking to wow them, a watch may be a good option. Instead of giving all the groomsmen the same one, consider putting some thought into it and choosing different styles for each individual groomsmen. They’ll appreciate the personalization and love the extra time you put into picking out the gift.

3. Money Clip

If you want to give your groomsmen something practical, a money clip makes a great option. While a wallet may be something they’d want to pick out on their own, your groomsmen are sure to appreciate a money clip. Money clips are a simple and sleek wallet alternative that looks stylish. You could even get them personalized to make it even more special.

4. Flask


The groomsmen are there to give your groom a proper send off before he ties the knot. Why not help them toast him the right way with a flask? A leather flask is the perfect manly, bachelor-style gift to give. A flask is a classic gift that your groomsmen are sure to appreciate and will definitely want to use – perhaps even on the big day!

5. Engraved Beer Mug

For groomsmen that enjoy drinking, a special beer mug is a great gift. Go for one that’s engraved with their initials to make it personalized, or with your wedding date to turn it into a memorable keepsake. You could even choose “best man” or “groomsman” mugs. No matter what you choose, whenever your groomsmen use them, they’ll be sure to think of you and how much they enjoyed being a part of your big day.

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